John Forester has written articles about many aspects of cycling.


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Engineering of bicycles, with special emphasis on dangerous defects: Bicycle Engineering

Governments' Bicycling Transportation Policies and Programs: Government Programs

Cycling facilities, bikeways, good roads, other facilities: Bicycle Facilities

The Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission's standard for bicycles: Lights and CPSC

The CPSC's all-reflector, no lights at night, system of nighttime protection: Lights and CPSC

Governmental Errors and Mismanagement Concerning Cyclist Safety: Cyclist Safety

Teaching cycling, Effective Cycling, and the importance of improving the skills of cyclists: Cycling Education

Social, psychological, and political problems in the field of cycling: Sociology, Psychology, and Politics in Cycling Affairs

Some scientific and intellectual aspects of cycling: From Effective Cycling

Forester's books on cycling: Bicycle books by John Forester



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