Controversy With James M. Green

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James M. Green is another person active as an expert witness in the field of bicycle accidents. He and I have been on the opposite sides of several cases, the most famous of which is that of Johnson vs. Derby Cycle Co. Mr. Green has also written a book, now in its fourth edition, titled Bicycle Accident Reconstruction, which I have reviewed very unfavorably by describing its many scientific errors. Mr. Green has now taken to posting in his website extracts of my testimony in Johnson vs. Derby, describing them as demonstrating my scientific incompetence, arguing that the recent court rulings about scientific testimony would henceforth exclude such "junk science" testimony, and recommending that attorneys not use my services. This is a serious accusation that I feel must be answered. 

My description of the Johnson vs Derby case: Derby

To make reference easier for the reader, I have copied Green's comments on my testimony into this website, where the reader can easily read them. Green's Comments

I have reviewed Green's book in several editions. My review of the third edition is attached: Bicycle Accident Reconstruction, 3rd Ed.

During discovery in one of the law cases in which James Green was testifying, he presented his college transcript. A copy of the institutions, courses, grades, and degrees awarded is attached. College Transcript.

Another person active as an expert witness in the field of bicycle accidents is John S. Allen. John Allen and I agree in many respects, including our opinions of traffic cycling, lights at night, bicyclist education, and about James Green. John Allen may be reached at

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